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Being An Author Changes The Game:
It's The Unfair Advantage You Need!
I remember the looks of amazed shock and awe as I shared my book with my patients...

"What? You wrote it?!"  

Yes, I'd say, I wanted my patients to have a trustworthy resource to help them achieve better results.

You guessed it, they shared! I didn't need to prompt for referrals or ask who they knew that would benefit from my care... The pride that 'my Chiropractor' was an author was a catalyst for massive chin-wagging gossip (in a good way).

Being an author got me featured in the local media -  in the practice's hometown newspaper - and opened the doors to other positive media exposure...

Because it marks you as the go-to EXPERT!


Writing a book is hard work and it's incredibly time-consuming!

Research, planning, writing, editing, proofing...

And then there's the formatting, design, cover, copywriting, picture collation...

It's a NIGHTMARE (especially when you haven't done it before. After two dozen books, I now know what I'm doing).

But when I wracked my brain to find ways to really help you to make your difference, I kept coming back to this...


My first book, the bestselling Conquer Your PCOS Naturally, took me 2 1/2 years from idea to the printed book. I worked full-time and then came home and wrote for at least 3 hours most night and weekends. It was tough! At times, in the dark hours of the night, I thought about giving up.

But it was worth it because...

This book has changed the lives of women and their families and communities across the globe...

It's enabled me to speak on TV, live and recorded radio, secure guest blogging opportunities, and massively expand my reach...

But most health professionals - maybe just like you - don't have the time or energy, nor the will or the skill, to write a book.

o I wrote this book for you to claim as your own!

That's right: Simply add your name, dedication, 'about me' and contact information and voila! You're ready to go. You can finally become an author... in moments!

I thought about the information that most health professionals teach their patients. After all, I was a clinician for 10 years and have many friends still in practice. I know that there is a great deal of overlap. So while you may not have put pen to paper (or in this case, fingers to keyboard) the contents will align with the expert advice you would likely recommend.

Plus, you get a .docx file so if you'd like to add or tweak anything, you can edit until your heart's content...

Once you take action and invest, these words are yours so you can add in points that are unique to your practice and approaches, remove any item you don't feel gels, use this as a basis and expand it from its 30,000 words to whatever length you'd like. It's entirely up to you!

Or, simply hit the ground running with the high-quality version that is all but ready to go.

I thought a great deal about how to make this book - your book - super affordable because I want you to make your difference! The world desperately needs you! And I also need to put food on my family's table. So I decided on the perfect middle ground: a professional own-able editable license option.

It means you can put your name on and claim authorship of this book. Yes, it's all yours!

The pictures in the book are royalty-free so you can use them as you see fit...

You can edit the book's contents...

You can share your version as a PDF or get it printed to really pack that WOW factor (It makes a GREAT gift for new patients)!

What you can't do?

Claim copyright, share the raw files, use my name, claim exclusive rights, or publish it on platforms like Amazon (it's against their T&C's).

That's it!


Well, you could certainly hire a ghost author to write your book for you or hire me, like others have, to create a unique, one-off piece. Let's take a look at the process and the costs...

You first need to decide on your topic, plan out your title of contents and the information you'd like included (you need to be abundantly clear on what you need so your ghostwriter knows what to write).


WRITING: According to the Australian Society of Authors (ASA) a professional writer charges, on average, 93 cents per word. This book is 30,000 words in length so you'd be looking at $27, 900.
EDITING & PROOFREADING: I get paid 2.5 cents for light editing work. Or you could outsource to an Upwork editor and proofreader. You're looking at at least $750.
PICTURE SOURCING: Sourcing the right images for your book takes a great deal of time. I've used royalty-free images so you can do whatever you like with your book without worrying about any legal issues. To ensure the PDF version is jaw-droppingly beautiful and full of gorgeous and professional images (the print version is black and white as colour costs a lot of money to print), this took time. While you would pay hundreds of dollars to outsource this task, at minimum, $100.

LAYOUT: This is the task that transforms words into an actual book. It's where the hard work and magic combine! Bibliocrunch states that formatting costs:

6 - 10 pages/hour

While this book is greater than 100 pages in length, using the bare minimum this comes in at $450+.
COVER DESIGN: People do judge a book by its cover so a great cover is crucial! This can cost thousands of dollars or you can outsource it more inexpensively to a Fiverr Pro. You're looking at a minimum of $400+  

As you can see, writing your own book can take years. Then there's the hassle, cost and further time associated with transforming your words into a meaningful book that wows your patients.

If you hired an average writer and paid for, at best, mid-level editing, proofing, layout, picture sourcing, and cover design...

The conservative cost of a 30K-word book like this comes to $29,600!

And that's before you've paid for any promotion or add ons...  

It gets expensive, fast.

And there's the rub...


I know how much being an author can mean to you personally and to your practice and the patients who need you...

I also know how time-strapped many health professionals are and that around 30K is a bucket load of cash that you could use in other ways: marketing your practice, buying new equipment, going for a round-the-world holiday!

And yet the fact remains: being an author is a crucial step to prospering in practice.

With a POEL license, the investment is a fraction of the whole. Why? Because you don't pay for exclusivity!

This option also lets me add in super helpful bonuses, like...
1) Formatting and royalty-free picture inclusion for the coloured, beautiful PDF and grey and white print version. Value = $900

Your patients will love, love sharing your book with their friends and family. It's a conversation starter in all the right ways! Give a copy to new patients, sell it in your practice for additional revenue, and use it to open doors to media, speaking opportunities, and massive credibility.

2) 6 x standard cover versions that you can add your name to. Value = $1200
3) Title and subtitle options

Deciding on a title can take an age so we're including 40 title and subtitle alternatives. Choose one, mix and match, or use your own. Value = $67
4) Australian/New Zealand/English and USA spelling versions! Value = $900 +
5) 3 x infographics crafted to support the information in your book.

These are wonderful for getting your message to the masses in a way that engages and gets shared. We're including three infographics that you can simply brand as your own! To create from scratch these would cost $1799.
6) 3 x 500+ word POEL articles.

Articles can be used in practice, when patients need expert resources, in VIP memberships, in newsletters, and on your blog. We're including three POEL articles that you can use as you need.

6 simple steps to speed up a sluggish bowel - wordcount: 535
The deadly flip side of sweetness – Are you insulin resistant, too? - wordcount: 502
Hypothyroidism: What you need to know about this small and powerful gland - wordcount: 542

Add these to your website with a link to your book to increase sales. Value if you outsourced to a ghostwriter = $1395
But I want you to become an instant author: today!

A POEL license allows me to make this dream come true for you... without the years of blood, sweat, and tears, financial cost, and exhausting effort...


If you take action today, you'll get the professionally written, edited, proofed book with pictures and layout for both PDF and print version, in both Australia/NZ/English and USA spelling, with infographics and articles for...
only $2497
save $32,764!  
With the average lifetime value of a new patient ranging upward from $500 for a professional who rarely reschedules, to the average Chiropractic patient that brings in between $1000 - $3000 and you can see how inexpensive this is. If you have a moderate retention rate, one - yes, only one - patient will pay for the entire investment!

This project has been several years in the making for us and is designed to get you results, but there is a catch...

I only want you to take action if you are ready to prosper in practice!

Please, don't secure your authorship if...

You'll let this book sit on your computer gathering virtual dust rather than sharing it with your current and potential patients. This is an incredible tool that can make a difference in peoples lives (including your own). If you won't use it, don't buy it because...

This is a limited offer. I won't sell endless copies.

I don't want the market saturated.

So once it's sold out, it's gone.

I know there will be people who read this page and feel unsure... I also know there are those who won't harness the power of this book to touch the lives of others and transform their own in the process. If you are not ready for change, this is NOT for you! Please, leave this opportunity for the health professionals who truly want to make their impact and change their communities. Otherwise, it will be a waste of my time and yours and a lost opportunity for others.
Secure your authorship if...

Do you want to boost your credibility? Shortcut years of hard work? Open the previously closed doors that being an author can unlock? Make your difference for your community? To propel your practice growth and profits?

This is your potential game-changing opportunity and it may not come around again.

It's up to you...
To view the flipbook version of this book, click here now

But what if you don't know me? Why should you trust me?

Well, I am an expert health writer and the bestselling author of Conquer Your PCOS Naturally. I hold three health science degrees, have a decade of clinical experience, and a wealth of expertise and experience.

Here's what full paying clients have to say...
"Dr. Rebecca is a gem! She makes difficult topics accessible to everyone in an interesting way that keeps you reading. She's very professional, punctual and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great writer!"

- Lora. Chiropractic practice. USA.
"Dr. Rebecca provided excellent quality work communicating exactly what we required for the articles. She regularly updated us and provided drafts of the articles for us to check over before the final deadline. Very Happy with her work and would definitely hire her again."

- Mark. Natural health expert. Australia.
"It has been a pleasure working with Dr. Rebecca. She is diligent with deadlines and can create valuable articles with a very limited brief. We highly recommend her to anyone looking for content on PCOS or other health issues faced by women."

- The team at Sepalika.com
"An absolute pleasure to work with. Dr. Rebecca's work was excellent. It was written in the tone and voice that suited my article, the turnaround time was exceptional, the quality was brilliant and the communication was outstanding. I would have no hesitation in working with her again or recommending to anyone else!"

- Eileen. Homeopathic clinic. Ireland.
"Dr. Rebecca wrote a smart, informative article - and on time. She's an excellent writer. We will definitely hire her again."

- Supplement company. USA.

At the end of the day...

If this is the answer to your prayers or you can see the incredible benefits your own book may bring to your life and your practice, let's get started! This might be the only time you ever get access to this opportunity at such a low price. I am excited to help you achieve your practice growth goals and to make your impact.
 Pay One Time x $2497
Choose 3 payments x $937
xx Dr. Rebecca
Chiropractor & Bestselling Health Author
P.S. Let's talk about our 100% money-back guarantee.

The vast majority of ghost authors understandably don't offer a guarantee because our blood, sweat, and tears come in the form of digital information. It's not like returning a tangible product: You hand it back, you get a refund. I spent two years researching and writing this book to make it impactful for you, your patients and your practice. But I know what it's like to be a health professional and I want to help you shine. So I decided to take a leap of faith and shoulder all the risk.

If you aren't thrilled with this book and no longer want to be an author, we'll give you ALL your money back. That's right, a complete refund. We'll still let you use the included articles and the infographics under a POEL license!

The catch?

There are only two: Firstly, we'd love your honest feedback and to know why you changed your mind so we can improve what we do and serve our professionals and their patients better. Secondly, you will forfeit this license and no longer be entitled to use this book in any way. If you are caught, you agree to pay twice the POEL cost.
 Pay One Time x $2497
Choose 3 payments x $937
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