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Case Study: Mayo Clinic​ would be perfect.

grow my health practice

Had you heard of The Mayo Clinic a decade ago? Not many people had. They’ve used regular, informative blog posts and content to create trust, rank highly in the search engines, and drive practice growth. People travel globally and pay good money to consult with the experts at this clinic. Is it the best? Maybe, maybe not. But its undeniable dedication to high-quality, niche content has lead to practice explosion. Imagine if you had a local piece of that action?

Is your expensive website delivering only… crickets?

You’ve got your website live… And you thought, maybe hoped, this would automatically flood your practice with your ideal patients, continual bookings and profits on tap?

The problem is an inactive website is like a dead, wet dog. Without activity, there is no life. And it’s worse than that…

See, according to research by the healthcare firm, Solucient, 45 percent of adults use the Internet for health-related purposes.

An article on NBC News reported that for a staggering 8 out of 10 people seeking health information, search engines are the first port of call.

And Gravitate noted that 43% of visits to clinics originate from online searches.

If you aren’t article marketing – that is, posting high quality, 1000+-word posts regularly – the search engines can’t find you.

You are invisible.

Even if someone directs a potential patient your way or – eek! – you pay for advertising, your barren site will give off the smell of incompetence. They’ve asked the question, you’ve given no answer. Online no answer equals no trust… They’ll move on.

Want More Patients, More Time and More Profits?

Without awesome, engaging and regular posts…

⇒ Potential patients who need your help continue to suffer

⇒ Instead of working for you, your website may work against you

⇒ Your competitors get the patients! Are they are better qualified than you? That’s irrelevant in the digital space. It’s perception that matters

⇒ You’re leaving boat load of ethical profit on the table

High-Quality Articles Are An Insider Secret For Explosive Practice Success!

WebMD, Healthline, Mayo Clinic, Dr. Axe and many more have exponentially grown their impact, perceived trust and businesses through regularly posting helpful, targetted and valuable content.

This approach is crucial because it shines a light on you as the local expert.

Great articles tell the search engines that you exist and matter, which brings more eyeballs to your pages.

As people remain on your site because the value is high, they’ll look around and stay longer. This tells the search engine metrics to direct more traffic your way.

In essence, it supercharges your exposure, builds virtual relationships 24-7, boosts practice bookings, increases profits, and allows you to do what you do best: to help people to improve their health.

Want a Bestselling Health Author On Your Content Producing Team (Credit-Free)?

I understand the challenges of creating regular high-quality content. I’ve seen practitioners struggle for years, which is why they come to us for content.

But it can get costly, quickly.

Average writers fee

Digital marketing experts observe that to move up the search engine rankings, you not only need to be consistent but your articles must be at least 1000 high-quality words. As you can see from the picture above, the standard overall mean rate being achieved is 71 cents per word for an average writer. That’s $710 for every article. But, that doesn’t guarantee the writer has in-depth knowledge about health or understand writing to engage and convert.

For many health practices, that’s out of reach…

And there’s the rub.

See, I have penned hundreds of articles, written 23 books including the bestseller, Conquer Your PCOS Naturally, and been a ghost for both health professionals and business. This stuff massively matters.

But I am also a passionate Chiropractor and natural health expert who knows how powerfully what we do impacts the lives of our patients and our communities. Plus, in many places around the world, our field is under growing pressure and threat from big Pharma and their friends. To cut through the clutter and the chaos, we must write! We must share our knowledge directly with the millions of people looking for answers and truth online. Through injury, I am no longer able to practice. But I can damn well help you to make your difference, prosper in practice, and live a thriving life you love!

Prosper in practice proof

Producing high-quality content – whether in the form of an article, infographic, book, or other – connects potential patients to you, builds trust, delivers value, and changes lives! It also sets you above your competition and significantly increases the chances that you will be the expert your audience turns to for care.

The Process: How We Make The Magic Happen!

We love, love to share exactly how we make the magic happen so you fall in love with our wonderful service even before we begin. As a clinician, my motto was: ‘Make the patient feel special; like they are the only person that exists while they are with us.’ I believe this is crucial for incredible results. I’ve brought this focus with me to the digital space. Why? You and what you do matter greatly.

Let’s look at the process, step by step…

Step 1 – Questionnaire

Soon after you place your order, you’ll receive a questionnaire. This sets out exactly what we need from you. This will include:

1 – Your working title? (Titles are crucial for grabbing attention so we’ll provide alternatives in the final piece)
2 – Who are we writing for?
3 – Are there any points you would like covered?
4 – Is there a CTA: Do you want the person to take some kind of action like booking a consultation at your practice?
5 – What is your website?

Step 2 – Clarify

If we have any questions after reading your questionnaire results, we’ll be in touch promptly. Clarity is key.

Step 3 – We get to work.

To create your article, we plan, research, write, edit and proof.

Step 4 – Delivery

Woo hoo! Your article has been completed! We’ll send you your article, ready to use.

Step 5 – Final Delivery

While the vast majority of our articles are accepted on the initial delivery, if there are any omissions or errors, we will, of course, correct these for you.

We’re so confident in our ability to produce high-quality content that engages your audience, we offer a money-back guarantee. If for any reason you’re unhappy, we’ll revise your article. If our words still don’t deliver a sweeping smile, we’ll give you your money back and part virtual friends.

Let’s Get To Work!

The Essential Article

$ 99
  • Plan
  • Research
  • Professional writer will pen your 1000+ word article
  • Edit
  • Proof
  • Deliver copyright and unique article

The Supercharged Article

$ 397
  • The Essential Article plus…
  • Professional writer & health expert will pen your article

    Keyword research + include one focused keyword
  • 3 royalty-free pictures
  • Unique, Branded Facebook, Insta & Pinterest graphics
  • Professionally designed PDF version to share with your patients in practice
  • If you’re time poor, tech challenged or too busy, we will upload your completed article to your WordPress blog for you!

The Rocket Fuelled

$ 797
  • The Supercharged Article plus...

    Professional press release writer will craft the perfect press release from your article to maximise impact and reach
  • Placement on premium channels and online media outlets (350+) to gain mass exposure and links back to your site (great for helping the search engines to find you)
  • 1 brand anchor & URL included
  • SEO friendly
  • Gain instant online exposure
  • You'll receive a full submission report so you know where your press release has been placed.

We give an extra 10% discount for bulk orders of 3+.

Yes, we know! We’re already super inexpensive. But one powerful way to grow any biz is to encourage repeat business. So we are practicing what we preach! Grab yourself a 10% discount and make note of this step for your practice.



My words don’t do justice to how much of a joy it is to work with Dr. H. She is incredibly communicative, a great storyteller, excellent with metaphors, and knowledgeable. She’s a great hybrid of clinician and writer. I’ve added her to my list of top writers as a result.

Claire P
Verified purchase, Supplement Company


Dr. H. is a gem! She makes difficult topics accessible to everyone in an interesting way that keeps you reading. She’s very professional, punctual and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great writer!

Lora C
Verified purchase, Chiropractic Practice


Dr. H. was great to work with and produced high quality, well-researched articles for us. She was extremely easy to communicate with and worked with us to make any changes along the way. We hope to work with her again in the near future.

Jason D
verified purchase, Supplement Company


Provided excellent quality work communicating exactly what we required for the articles. She regularly updated us and provided drafts of the articles for us to check over before the final deadline. Very Happy with her work and would definitely hire her again.

Rebecca C
Verified purchase, Natural Health Company


Such a pleasure to work with you and so brilliant at what she does! I have no hesitation about recommending her or working with her again!

Verified purchase, Homeopathic Practice


It has been a pleasure working with her. She is diligent with deadlines and can create valuable articles with a very limited brief. We highly recommend her to anyone looking for content on PCOS or other health issues faced by women.
Verified purchase, Digital Health Company


Got questions? Here are our frequently asked. If we’ve not got you covered, email us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help.

How do I know the content you create will be high quality?

As professional writers, we know this area well. As health experts, we understand this field more deeply than most medical writers because we’ve been in the trenches. We’ve also been writing for years. Read our testimonials below, know that your article is written or proofed by a bestselling health author and feel secure with our money-back guarantee. We know what we’re doing.

Is each article original?

You bet ya! While there are times when it suits to use licensed non-unique pieces, this project is for the best kind: Singular, one-of-a-kind, distinctively yours.

What writing style and approach do you use?

Conversational, informative, structured and jam-packed with value. Why? We want to connect you with your readers. Too much jargon and we’ve missed the mark. Remember, a high-quality article aims not only to enhance SEO but to build trust, cultivate relationships and transform online advice into in-practice patients. By maintaining the same structure, we can also keep our prices low. Need something deeply interactive and journal article referred? Check out ‘Dr Articles’ tab.

What industries do you cover?

Health. That’s our expertise and sole focus.

Does it matter where I am from?

Absolutely not… So long as your article requires English. We are well versed in US/Canada versus Aussie/UK/NZ/South African spelling.

Can I see samples?

Of course. If you’re the cautious type, we understand. This internet thing can be intense! Email us at [email protected] and we’ll send some examples of our work straight over.

Is there a minimum order?

No, not at all. We offer a 10% bulk discount for 3+ articles purchased together but if you just need one? Perfecto!

How do you substantiate points within each article?

It depends on the article level you choose. The Essential Article doesn’t reference external sources and is written to educate and inform. The Supercharged Article uses anchor text to sources. If you want to add links to celeb doctors or other sites, you are more than welcome. Once the article is yours, it’s yours. However, we will not.

Do you include anchor text?

Depending on the article you choose, yes. For our Supercharged Article and above, our standard procedure is in-article hyperlinks to related research, government or educational institutions. We hyperlink to journal articles, government and educational sources only

How long will it take to receive my article?

For articles alone, our turnaround is up to 10 business days. For Rocket Fuel articles, it can take up to 3 weeks to get all the links up and live.

Can you write longer articles?

Yes, long form pieces are a wonderful addition to any health site. Contact us at [email protected] with your requirements so we can tailor a quote. Or check out our ‘Dr. Articles’ for details.

Do you stay in your PJ’s all day?

Oh, the wonderful possibilities! Well, technically we could, especially when it’s wintery outside. But, alas, we writers are normal folk. We rise from our beds, shower, and sit down with a soulful cup of tea and our trusty laptop. (Most of the time!)

Do I need to give you credit?

No, not at all. Once the payment is made and the piece is accepted, it’s all yours. These articles, by design, become your words.

Who owns the copyright?

That’s an easy one. Once the article has been paid for and accepted, you do gorgeous!

Do you spin articles?


I’m desperate! Can I get a rush order?

We’ll try. Don’t order here: There is an additional $97 charge for speedy work. Email your request to us at [email protected] and we’ll see if we have space in our schedule. We won’t compromise on quality and will refuse a piece we can’t do well.

(Huh hum) I ordered from an overseas company and their writing sucks. Can you fix it?

Ahh… Maybe, maybe not. Great writing requires research, planning, writing, editing, and proofing. Cheap providers are either time-pressed or not qualified to create great articles. Sometimes they can be saved, often it’s better to start again.

Can I call you?

Nope, I’m afraid not. Being a solely digital operation is how we can keep our costs so teeny.

Are payments upfront only?

Yes. Our 1000-word rate is less than the deposit for most other professional writers.

What payment options do you accept?

We keep everything standard – even payment – to keep costs down and pass the savings along to you. All payments are made through Paypal. You are free to use your credit card via their payment gateway.

What if I don’t like the article?

Our aim is happy clients, always. Let us know what you don’t like and we’ll correct it for you. Note: If there is information you wish to be included, you must let us in the initial brief. We will not add this later because you simply forgot (come on, that’s just not fair).

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes: For you and for us. If you aren’t thrilled with your piece, we’ll work to make it right. If you’re still not happy, we’ll provide a refund and part ways as friends. We keep the copyright and you’re free to find your right writer. So why would the refund be for us? Rarely (this has happened only once, which is why this point is here) we meet someone beyond the pale. We are hard-working writers here to make your life easier and your practice prosperous. We deeply respect your important impact on our communities. We also respect ourselves. We won’t tolerate *BS*.

What other services do you offer?

Articles can and should be used in many ways to boost connection and exposure. We create custom graphics, videos (spokesperson summaries, an avatar with AI voice, or picture-based animations), infographics, audio, PDF versions and more.

How do you prevent plagiarism?

Plagiarism is simply not tolerated. All articles are Copyscape checked before delivery. If you were ever to receive a duplicate article, the piece would be rewritten and the author would be dismissed.

Do you write school or presentation articles?

No. Aside from the fact that this is a whole other level of research, we consider it unethical. We focus only on what we do best: Article writing for web visitors and patient education.


We’re Looking Forward To Helping You Explode Your Practice!

qualified health writer

Dr. Rebecca

Chiropractor & Lifestyle Expert She has penned hundreds of articles and 23 books, including the bestselling, Conquer Your PCOS Naturally.